At Limelight Social Media, it’s our goal to help small to mid-sized businesses squeeze every drop out of the many social media options available today.  Specializing in health and wellness, chiropractic offices, healing practitioners, coaches and more, we can guide you through the social web and assist you in leveraging online marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.  Plus, we can help you take consumer engagement to the next level through blogging and email marketing strategies.

Why Social Media? A website is a must, but it’s no longer enough to make your business stand out from the crowd.  Social media can give small businesses a step up and a level playing field in the marketplace, allowing you to engage directly with consumers, educate them about your industry, products and services, and establish credibility and trust, all before they walk through your doors.

Plus, many social media sites are free and fairly simple to use.  Where the big guys have a leg up however is in their ability to put time and manpower into their online strategies!

That’s where many small to mid-sized businesses feel the pinch.  They figure they can’t possibly compete and as a result, let their online profiles, pages, and blogs sit stagnant and sour.  Many revert back to what’s familiar; yellow pages, newspaper, printed fliers, and find they no longer produce results.  Let’s face it, your customers just aren’t there any longer.  No, they’re on their laptop, iPad and mobile phone!

It’s time to stop the insanity!  What your business needs is fresh, new and bright ideas that take you where your customers are.

Online is where it’s at folks and we’re here to tell you that it’s possible for any business to leverage social media and experience the benefits that go along with it!  Our secret is in our strategy!  We’re not about recreating the wheel but instead take what’s currently working in your business…your current marketing initiatives, your superior products, your exceptional customer service…and leverage what’s available online to shine the light on your business.

Think of it as “your business” with a twist!  Imagine…more online presence, more exposure, more customer engagement, and more results!

Limelight Social Media…A refreshing solution we think you’re gonna Like!