At Limelight Social Media we find that those who take a three-pronged approach to their online marketing experience the best results.  Today’s post explains each element and how they work together to make the most of the marketing time, money and energy spent online.

The Website: A website is an absolute must and the following two strategies won’t do you much good without one.  These days consumers don’t make a move without checking out a website first.  To make your website a truly integral part of the three-pronged approach, you must make it more than a one-stop-spot.  Encourage repeat visits by including various resources such as educational articles, demonstration videos, and links to tools you recommend.  Keep these resources up to date and add new information often.  Adding a blog to your website is another great way to keep your website updated regularly and ensure repeat website visitors.

Social Media: Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or a combination of them all, you want to use your social media to drive traffic back to your website.  You do this by posting and sharing your website’s content through various social media platforms.  Tweet about your latest blog post, post a link on Facebook to a resource on your website, upload a demo video to YouTube, and repeat!  The linking back and forth between your website and social media sites, your social media sites and other social media sites, and your social media sites and your website is what makes your content viral and drives engagement.

Direct Email: What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without checking your email?  A day, maybe a week?  If you’re like the majority of people, you might skip internet surfing and take a break from Facebook, but you always check your email.  If you can connect to your market via email, you’re very likely to get your message through, regardless of whether they’ve missed your Facebook posts or have moved on to a new source of interest on the internet.  If you don’t already have one, begin a process of email gathering utilizing a permission-based method and create a strategic plan for regular email campaigns.  “Regular” is the operative word here; you want to email just enough to garnish attention, but not so much that you’re annoying!  An email marketing manager is a must (at Limelight we love Constant Contacts), and you can enhance the opt-in process even further by offering a special freebie to website visitors in exchange for giving you their email address (we call this a “pink spoon”.  Take a look to the right to see an example of ours.).

Properly leveraging your website, social media and email marketing campaigns, ensures you’re maximizing each initiative and that you’re connecting, and connecting again, to customers (past, present and future).  Do you have your online marketing bases covered or is it time to get your website, social media, and direct email working together for the best results?

That’s where we come in.  Contact us and let’s take a look at how we can give a refreshing twist to your current online marketing.

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