In our last post, Why Social Media we shared that it’s possible for businesses both large and small to experience positive results using social media, but that the key to getting the best results lies in the strategy.  First, it’s important to get clear on what Social Media IS and what it IS NOT.  Today we reveal two common misconceptions about online marketing.

Social media is NOT about “technology”…Social media IS about “people”: So often we find our clients get wrapped up in the technology of social media; the computers, smartphones and Ipads.  While it takes technology to implement, most overlook the most important aspects of social media, which is why they don’t achieve the positive results they hope to.  Social media is all about “people”.  It’s about connecting, engaging and having conversations.  No matter which social media platforms you incorporate into your overall strategy, if you can get your head around this one point, your results will immediately show it.

Social media is NOT a marketing plan…Social media IS a marketing “strategy”: Don’t toss out your marketing plan thinking Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the latest replacement.  Think of your social media activities as another avenue to support the initiatives you’re already doing.  For example, if educational workshops are a marketing strategy that’s generating new clients for your office, consider how you could leverage social media to expand that opportunity even more.

And again, I repeat–Social media should be incorporated into your marketing plan but not replace it.

Watch for our next post where we’ll share the three-pronged online marketing process and how you can leverage this strategy for your business.

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